Jordan is a freelance product designer.

Jordan is an award-winning user experience, interface, and brand designer. Currently traveling the world and creating better digital products.

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My Design Process.

No project is ever the same, but generally I work something like this.


This includes user and competitive research, user flows, user stories, etc, with the goal uncovering what user and business problems we are trying to solve and making sure that the team is on the same page before jumping into design.


Designing is problem solving. Once we have established the problem, I work on designing multiple ideas through wireframing and then transition those into hi-fidelity, pixel-perfect prototypes.


As a whole, this entire process is iterative. I believe in constantly iterating, refining, and user testing throughout the entire process to achieve the best possible results for the business and end user.


We’re always working towards the finished, built project. I will easily work with the developers up until the finish line and beyond to bring your prototype to reality.

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Some recent work.

SmartRTB - A Smarter Ad-Tech Company.

Website / Dashboard / Brand
UI/UX & Creative Director

As the creative director and lead UX designer at SmartRTB, I spent over a year and a half designing the user experience and art direction for their new brand and analytics dashboard. This included a complete overhaul of the website, brand identity, and an ad inventory analytics platform for our end users.

Talinity - Pay it forward & get rewarded.

iOS / Android / Website App
UI/UX Designer

As a two-man design team, I worked for around 6 months with the team at Talinity to launch their social job discovery mobile app - a new way of finding jobs that you love, while rewarding users to help their friends. I created the entire user interface and design system for the app and, together with Madera Labs, designed the user experience.

TuVozNow - Discover what's really happening.

iOS / Android / Website App
Lead UI/UX & Brand Designer

TuVozNow allows communities to safely share what's happening around them with users from around the globe. Working with Zokoo and the TuVozNow team, I lead the product discovery, user experience, interface design and rebranding for their mobile apps and website. We worked hand-in-hand to bring their new product to the market in 2020.

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